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Cornel Zueger Was Born in Lachen, Switzerland on October 10th 1986. In 1993 his family decided to move to Canada, where he grew up in a small town of Ponoka Alberta. As a kid he was always interested in movies and art, but growing up with a mother that was not a fan of television, made it hard for him to get his fix in movies and forced him to grow artisticly by drawing. Taking every art course through school let him realize that his skill in art was progressing but he still could not figure out how to make a career out of it.

Finally getting a job at a video store let him get his fix for movies and let his imagination grow to a more 3D world. After high school Cornel found work in the construction field and continued improving his skills in carpentry and cabinetry.
After a holiday touring around New Zealand and seeing all the sites where Lord of the  Rings was filmed, he started to wonder about the behind the seens of the productions and watched some tuturials on youtube, where he discovered the wonderful product of liquid latex, this changed his whole career path.

In 2010 Cornel decided to enroll  in the "Makeup for film and television" course at Vancouver Film School. The one year program tought him a great deal of skills  including beatuy, ageing, hair laying, gelitine/foam latex/silicone prosthetics, and many more.

Cornel also competed in the IMATS 2011 L.A  Student Prosthetics, and the 2011 Vancouver Student Prosthetics compititions.

After Graduating from VFS, he worked in a Special FX shop, where he worked on  episodes like, Stories of the E.R., R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour,  and Psych.

At the moment he is self employed doing any job that is coming his way.